About us

Terra Moldova is a young company that imports and sells Moldavian wines and spirits with its headquarters in Lyon. Created by a Moldavian couple attached to the values and traditions of their country of origin, Terra Moldova offers today a range of more than 50 wines, sparkling wines and spirits made and bottled in Moldova. 

The history of Moldavian wine begins 3000 years BC. Thus, the rich harvest of Moldova combines the ancestral traditions in winemaking and great knowledge and understanding of the wine world. Terra Moldova enters in French wine market with one ambition: to offer the best Moldavian wines for tasting and sale, appreciated and awarded with medals in the most prestigious international competitions. The partners of the Lyon-based company are the best Moldavian wineries: Purcari, FautorBardar and Gitana.

As a product with a great cultural value, wine creates a meaningful relationship of exchange between the enthusiasts. And this small family business only intends to enrich these relationships.